How Credible is Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech?

1. Kol Nidre seems to be a real holiday/ritual among Jewish people.  It’s difficult for me to judge whether it is as pernicious as it sounds; that is, does it really function to give Jews a way to renounce contracts they have entered into? Or is it an internal, spiritual exercise, as jihad is an internal, spiritual exercise of ‘waging war’ to bring the individual into a more perfectly integrated character?

a. Other major holidays of the Jewish people persuade me to opt for the first interpretation.  Other major Jewish festivals are Purim, Hanukkah, and Passover.  All — all of these festivals are celebrations of the acts of Jewish people killing those people who had offered Jews hospitality:

-Passover is the celebration of a relatively small band of Jews — about 600, according to archeologist Eric Cline, who plundered the treasure of Egypt and stole away with it after first calling down “ten plagues” upon the Egyptian people and government. Among these plagues, the Jewish god sent the Angel of Death to slay the firstborn of the Egyptian people; the Jewish god protected ONLY the Jewish people from this horrible act.

Four hundred eighty years earlier, after Joseph’s brothers had dispossessed him, Joseph found shelter among Egyptians. By ‘interpreting the pharaoh’s dreams’ — i.e. psychologically manipulating the pharaoh, Joseph worked his way into the ruling power of Egypt and was rewarded with great power and prosperity. Eventually, Joseph extended that security to the rest of his family.  By the time of the “Exodus/” Passover, some 700,000 Jews dwelt in the Land of Goshen in Egypt.

Jews celebrate fleeing from Egypt and killing Egyptians, but twist the act to blame it on Egyptians: “They tried to kill us, We survived; Let’s eat.”  This is a distortion of the facts: there is no evidence that Egyptians tried to kill Jews; rather, Jews killed Egyptians, but that is not mentioned or, needless to say, celebrated. (see Feuerbach on Jewish egocentrism & eating)

b. Purim — First off, Why wasn’t Esther in Jerusalem?  This is the first manifestation of the dual rapaciousness of Jewry, as Edwin Black pointed out in “The Transfer Agreement:” Jews demanded control of their own land, in Jerusalem, supported by Persia; and Jews/Esther demanded control over the finances & government of Persia.

Did Haman really threaten to kill all Jews?  I don’t think so.  That is the story that is told, and the fact that it is twisted all out of proportion in Jewish children’s story books, where NO MENTION is made of Jews killing 75,000 innocent Persians, persuades me that Haman’s scheme of “genocide” of Jews is fanciful.  “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.”

Hannukah is the festival of the Maccabean rebellion.

(Feuerbach & egocentrism of Judaism;

Hillel and Negative Golden Rule;

Negative Golden Rule and evolutionary demand to serve self-interest — philosophical defense of NGR;

Arnold Toynbee in “The World and the West;” monotheism & egoism vs Greek, outward looking, and creativity of polytheistic modes.  Russia, Iran = “the World” which the West destroyed 1914-1945. Russia is Christian but not Roman Christian, rather, Greek Christian.

Singer and Startup Nation — In the 1980s Jewish Israel’s economy struggling. Jewish Israel achieves prosperity as a result of migration to Israel of Russian-educated engineers and scientists; U.S. provided political and financial support for that migration.  The title of the newspaper article is, “They tried to kill us, We survived, Let’s eat.”

In the U.S. early 20th century, the economy was struggling.

1. US financial system had been subverted by Jewish financiers and “Joseph’s coat” agents such as Sam Untermyer.

2. Henry Ford had an exciting new business going; he understood the rapacious nature of Jews and sought to use his wealth to educate Americans on the threat Jewishness posed to USA.  As Edwin Black narrates, Jewish forces combined to threaten Ford economically and humiliate him politically.  Jews ALWAYS need to be in charge.

3. Germany was up-and-coming industrially, threatening the dominance of Great Britain.  War was a win-win-win from the Jewish perspective:  from wars in Europe Jews gained vast wealth — Rothschilds controlled the finances of both sides; Jews and Christian Americans benefited from war industrialization. Jews won the first world war — they got Palestine AND control over Germany’s government, culture, and finances — Weimar.

But U.S. economy was still in trouble, laboring under the systems Jewish financiers had imposed upon it.  U.S. needed industry, and Germany had it — Hitler introduced mass production of cars for the people, and also extensive roads to simultaneously employ Germans and create a commercial, industrial infrastructure. The U.S.A destroyed Germany’s commercial, industrial, cultural AND religious infrastructure and transplanted it to the U.S.A. (Eisenhower pushed through the U.S. interstate highway system, modeled on German autobahn).   The age of prosperity that the “baby boom” generation enjoyed was run on cars, and US expropriated that dominance from Germany just as surely as Jews stole Russian education from Russians.

The U.S. has become Jewish: “they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.”  Germans did NOT try to kill Americans OR Jews, the latter was propaganda generated to force German Jews to migrate to Palestine, and both Wilson in 1917 and FDR in 1930s-40s lied to involve US in war in Europe.  Just as Jews claimed “they tried to kill us, in Egypt and in Persia AND in Germany, the facts are that Jews killed Egyptians, Jews killed Persians, Jews killed Germans (and Slavic Jews, who were eugenically unacceptable “human material” for molding into the “new Jew.”

Let’s eat.

The whole goal of the zionist/Jewish/ and now American project is to fatten an exclusive group.  Jews do not extend hospitality outside the tribe; Persians do.  At Jesus’s last supper, all were fed, even the traitor Judas. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

Nor does there appear to be a festival of thanksgiving in the Jewish calendar and tradition — thanksgiving to Egyptians for extending hospitality and prosperity; thanksgiving to Persians for saving them from Nebuchadnezar, liberating them and supporting them financially and politically to return to Jerusalem AND ALSO to live in security and prosperity in Persia.

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3 Responses to How Credible is Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech?

  1. VoT says:

    Fior , is this your blog ? Are you going to discuss the topic which I have posted in my comment on RFI to you ??
    I would be more than eager to follow the discussion on this subject , especially the ‘principle’ of the “Kol Nidre” , which would answer my many ‘unknowns’ in the Zionist agenda. ( and also the history of the newspaper ‘ Common Sense’ )
    God bless you and all the best , in the real sense of the word.
    Ba Ehteram
    P.S. I am a businessman , look where I have ended :-)

    • Yes, VoT, I created this blog just for this question — as well as other thoughts I have on the ‘zionist agenda’ that the Leveretts might prefer not be posted on their forum. I respect what they are doing and don’t want to jeopardize their work. But I also think some more essential, and controversial, facts should be discussed more openly among the American people, certainly, and especially among American Christians & Roman Catholics.

      Thank you for being the first person EVER to comment on my blog! And thank you, especially, for your blessing. I return the wish. I like the way the Irish give a blessing: “May God hold you in the palm of his [or her!] hand.”

      I just returned from a quick trip to New York to see the Stein exhibit at Metropolitan Museum. It’s taking a while to re-enter my life! I hope to have a substantive post on the Freedman speech in a few days.

      Thanks again

  2. VoT says:

    Thanks God it’s you dear Fior.
    I never forget your post in RFI , where you drew the attention to the fact that during the UN speech of Netanyahu , where he claimed that his ancestors could be traced to 2500 years back to the ‘ promised land’ , it was all a complete hoax.
    When it was clear that his father Benzion ‘simply’ changed his name from Mileikowsky to Netanyahu , I remembered the infamous Zionist slogan :”By way of Deception” and this in “broad daylight” duing a UN speech !!
    This is the reason , I was asking for the ‘principle’ of “Kol Nidre” , as it was the first time I ever heard of it in the speech of Freedman ( former FRIEDMAN).
    In the best case , I would be delighted to trace Mileikowsky to the ‘Phallus worshipping’ times , back in Khazaria :-)

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