The Pure Evil of Hitler — Or Not. R H S Stolfi & “Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny”


lobro’s use of ‘kike’ is more historically accurate than your obscene rendition of what Hitler “thought” in Vienna.
R H S Stolfi, professor emeritus at the U S Naval Postgraduate Institute, has studied Hitler carefully. In his book, Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny, “Stolfi ranks Hitler’s successes from 1919 through 1941 as achievements so astonishing that he must be characterized, along with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon, as one of Hegel’s impossibly rare world historical personalities.”

Perhaps it was Louis Brandeis’s recognition of the genius of Hitler that motivated him to tell Rabbi Stephen Wise, within a fortnight of Hitler’s appointment as chancellor in Jan. 30, 1933, that “Jews must leave Germany; I urge that no Jew remain in Germany.”
And/or perhaps Brandeis’s urgent counsel to the zionist leader had to do with both of their understanding that the only way to save the zionist project in Palestine, which was nearing bankruptcy by 1933, was to frighten German Jews into moving to Palestine, together with their wealth. German Jews held the greatest wealth of Jewish groups in the world, but they were not interested in moving to Palestine. Scare-tactics were necessary to compel them to flee Germany, where Jews had been comfortable and prosperous for many generations. Justice Brandeis gave the orders and Rabbi Wise laid the plans: together with Samuel Untermyer, zionist Jews Declared War On Germany and imposed a boycott on ALL German goods, intended to destroy an already struggling German economy that was dependent upon export.
Wise and Untermyer followed up this ‘existential threat’ to Germans — in whose present memory boycott/blockade had meant starvation to death for 800,000 of their countryment — with a series of mock trials at Madison Square Garden; a barrage of “atrocity propaganda” — a genre perfected by Ed Bernays and the Creel Commission in the first war; a series of hyperbolic and hate-filled radio addresses by Untermyer; protest marches led by Jewish War Veterans in New York City replicating the ‘Bonus Marches’ by U.S. veterans of the first war, in Washington, DC. (see Edwin Black, “The Transfer Agreement,” and Richard Hawkins, “Samuel Untermyer: Hitler’s Bitterest Foe.”)

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