What Motivated Louis Brandeis to Say, by Feb 14, 1933, That Jews Must Leave Germany?

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Anybody remember those scenes on “Ship of Fools” where the Jewish narrator talks about how happy Jews were in Germany?

Why in the world did Louis Brandeis decide, “within a fortnight” of Hitler’s appointment to the chancellorship (see “The Transfer Agreement,” 1984 ed., p. 78) that “Jews must leave Germany”?

Was it JUST because Palestine was desperate for money, in the midst of the Great Depression AND the constraints on migration to Palestine that required immigrants to have at least (the equivalent of) $5,000; only German Jews had that kind of money; and as the character on “Ship of Fools” observed, “Jews were happy in Germany.”

OR — perhaps it was because Hitler, together with his banker, Hjalmar Schacht, had (or would) manage to solve Germany’s economic and unemployment problems WITHOUT resort to the capital markets that Brandeis et al controlled. According to Raoul de Sales in “Adolf Hitler: My New Order,”

“It was always to be one of Hitler’s greatest boasts that of all civilized countries Germany had been the only one to find a cure for this world evil, unemployment. . . .Unemployment was cured, according to him, as soon as the concept that the wealth of a country was not its gold nor its capital, but its powers of production and its labor. Germany having no gold and being, in fact, financially bankrupt, the problem had to be solved by unorthodox methods. And there is no disputing the fact that the system evolved by the German economists and financiers . . .did succeed in producing an apparent recovery which baffled the world. In a very short time after Hitler’s advent to power, not only was unemployment wiped out, but a shortage of labor began to appear. The problem of capital was also solved by the smple process of a disguised, but nonetheless real, centralization of control in the hands of the government. Employers and industrialists became, in fact, mere managers, operating under the direction of the State.” (p. 133)

That is to say, the system established under Weimar, run primarily by and for the benefit of Jewish “industrialists and financiers,” and which had resulted in hyperinflation in Germany and MORE starvation of the German people, was cut off: Hitler and Schacht barred predators from access to the treasury of the German people.

Perhaps that is what was so upsetting to Brandeis and to Rabbi Wise that they Declared War on Germany.

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