Thoughts on Reading “On the Natural History of Destruction,” by W. G. Sebald

I’ve just been reading W G Sebald’s “On the Natural History of Destruction.”

The book is the late German fiction writer’s non-fiction meditation on why the German literary world has not reacted to the intentional destruction of 131 German cities in the second world war.  600,000 German civilians were incinerated in the firebombings, and as many as 7 million Germans were left homeless.

Reading Sebald got me to wondering if Egyptians wrote of their reactions to having their first born sons slaughtered by Hebrews, as the latter fled from Egypt after having plundered Egyptian treasure (enough to build a golden calf) and called down plagues upon the people who had extended hospitality, security, and prosperity to Jews for ~480 years.

I wondered if Persians had written books on their reaction to Esther having 75,000 innocent Persians slaughtered, and displacing the prime minister who, according to the Septuagint version of the Esther story, the Persian king trusted, with the alien Mordecai, a man  who refused to honor the customs of a land in which he — and Esther — were sojourners; concealed his true identity, and spied on the king’s court in order to gain political advantage.  (It’s interesting to consider that while bible readers are told that Jews longed only to “return to Zion,” “may my right hand be forgotten if I forget thee oh Zion,” when Jews were financed and assisted to return to Jerusalem and rebuild it, Mordecai and Esther chose to remain in the more prosperous and advantageous Persian city of Shusan. )

Germans extended hospitality to Jews and supported them with German treasure, granting them access to German educational, commercial, and political institutions, and providing that gritty infrastructure and even military protection without which commercial prosperity is impossible, over at least 1200 years.

Yet instead of thanks, when,  on about the 14th of Feb 1933, Stephen Wise told Louis Brandeis that zionist Palestine was running out of money and would go bankrupt unless German Jews AND their wealth migrated to Palestine, Brandeis told Wise: “I would have Jews leave Germany.”  (p. 78, “The Transfer Agreement” by Edwin Black). Within a few more weeks, “Judea Declare[d] War on Germany,” and Rabbi Wise & sundry zionist & Jewish groups organized anti-German protests, rallies, kangaroo court/mock trials, and a relentless barrage of “atrocity propaganda” as had been perfected by Ed. Bernays & the Creel Commission to engender hatred of “the Hun” to embroil U.S. in the First world war — the war that gave Jews the same dual-triumph that Esther and Mordecai demanded — and got — from Persia:  “a homeland for the Jews in Palestine” and dominance over Germany in the Weimar government.

Now if Hebrews did this to Germany — twice; to Persia once and orgasmic to do it again; and to Egypt — home to Jews for nearly 500 years, how much imagination does it take to be fearful that Israelis will pull the same stunt on the U.S.A.?

Over more than a century Americans have become mindlessly committed to defending Jewry and hating those whom Jews deem it is essential for Americans to hate — them evul Nazis in the 20th century; Iraq/Iran/Islam in the 21st century. We have been made so blind that we cannot see a pattern that threatens the U.S.

Perhaps you don’t care if the U.S. is threatened.  I do care about  threats to the United States, and I think the pattern of Jewish behavior in history– from Joseph in Egypt to Dennis Ross and Ephraim Sneh on Iran–  as well as Israel’s present behavior that disdains international law, oppresses Palestinians; kills, starves and and threatens whomever it pleases without regard for ordinary norms of civilization, sends out a crystal clear signal:  the threats to the United States are coming from Israel.

Maybe when the topics make it to the tee vee-as-propaganda market more people will start to see the same dangers I see.

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