Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric as “existential threat” to Israel

Comment on Netanyahu Shilling for Romney in Florida TV Ad, Tikun Olam, by Richard Silverstein, Sept. 20, 2012.

  In the comment section, mary wrote:  “why does Israel assume it is under a direct and immediate threat of a nuclear attack from Iran? Is it because of Ahmadinejhad’s florid, self-aggrandizing rhetoric? “

Solon to Croesus responded:
Definitely!! It must be!!
Because if the “existential threat” to Israel hinges on Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric, that would explain purrfectly how it came to be that AIPAC wrote the first major sanctions against Iran in 1995, TEN YEARS before Ahmadinejad was elected to the presidency.
Before his election in 2005, Ahmadinejad had been mayor of Tehran, where he was on the short-list of the world’s most successful mayors of a major city.
But according to Israel’s own Yossi Melman in “Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran,” Ahmadinejad was on NOBODY’s radar before 2005:  MI6 (or is it -5?) knew nothing about him; ditto for CIA, and Mossad was equally in the dark about Ahmadinejad.
Quite a feat of prophecy to impose sanctions on Iran TEN YEARS before the major threat-or to Israel was known to the threat-ees.

2. On two specific occasions, one in 2008 at the AIPAC conference in DC, the second in Jan. 2012 at a Wilson Center panel discussion, Ephraim Sneh said unequivocally:  “The nukes are not the problem. The problem is the regime; they have got to go.”
On the first occasion, Sneh said, “The Iranian people are incapable of changing their government…We must cause Iran’s leaders to worry how they are going to feed their 70 million people.”  In other words, physician Ephraim Sneh recommended threatening 70 million Iranian civilians with starvation.  Madeleine Albright redux.

On the second occasion, Sneh said that not only must the “regime” be overthrown, Iran’s entire culture should be changed:  “When Iran is secular and democratic, then it can have anything it wants.”

wrt to first situation, Sneh is having his way.  In remarks at the Move Over AIPAC conference in DC in March 2012, Semnan Anderlini told the packed hall that “Iranian children are going without vitamins and cannot find adequate food; Iranian-Americans are fearful of speaking up or speaking out.  YOU speak for 73 million Iranians.”
Well done, Dr. Sneh.  Perhaps Albright can design a pin for you to adorn your chest:  “I starved more people than Madeleine Albright did.”

re Sneh’s second ‘goal,’ the secularization of Iran, 1. It ain’t gonna happen.  Some Iranians still chafe at the imposition of Islam in the 7th century, but most Iranians consider Islam an integral part of their culture.  In “Iran’s Epic and America’s Empire: A Handbook for a Generation in Limbo,” Mahmoud Omidsalar argues that it is a grievous mistake to think of the Shahnameh as Ferdowsi’s complaint at the imposition of Islam: Islam is as integral to the Iranian people as is the epic Shahnameh, which most Iranians can recite and which forms the cultural glue of Iranian society and culture.  Far from castigating Islam, as he wrote in 900 CE, Ferdowsi wove ancient Persian Zoroastrianism and contemporary Islam; as Cyrus had done 1400 years earlier, Ferdowsi melded the cultural legacies of Persians, Turks, Mongols, Arabs and many others who compose the Iranian culture.

Sneh’s drive to shatter that cultural cohesion is the most dangerous agenda of any that I can imagine.

It is also contrary to the norms established by Geneva Conventions.

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