“What is the best way for confronting the West’s anti-Islam campaign?”

On 20 September 2012  Kevin Barrett posted an important article on the Press TV website.  Barrett argued that Benjamin Netanyahu is behaving in as irrational and dangerous a fashion as he is, inflaming fears of war against Iran, in an effort to elect Mitt Romney to the presidency and  keep the lid on 9/11.
The essence of Barrett’s charge is that the American people have been lied to about the perpetrators of 9/11:  as Alan Sabrosky claims, Mossad and CIA planned and carried out the attack on the World Trade Center that killed 3,000 innocent civilians.
Americans have been lied to in order to frighten them into a war against Iraq (that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives).  Bibi is desperate to keep that lie covered up, lest he hang for his/Israel’s part in it.
A poll was appended to Barrett’s article.  It asked the question: “What is the best way for confronting the West’s anti-Islam campaign?”
The poll offered the following options, and as of noon EST 21 Sept 2012 displayed these results:
What is the best way for confronting the West’s anti-Islam campaign?
  • 1) Intensifying worldwide demonstrations. 11 %
  • 2) Ignoring Islamophobic and sacrilegious acts. 18 %
  • 3) Public pressure on Muslim states to cut US ties. 59 %
  • 4) Criticizing those behind the desecration of Islam. 12 %

In my Solonic opinion, the option most obviously suggested by the article was not included in the choices the Poll offered.

The best answer, in my opinion, to the question: “What is the best way for confronting the West’s anti-Islam campaign?”

Tell the truth.

Tell the truth about Esther:  there was no scheme to “annihilate Jews.”
Tell the truth about the difference between mythology and “divine revelation.”  All cultures have unifying myths; they understand them as their own and rely upon them for cultural cohesion.  But cultures that are self-aware understand that their myths are myths, that history is history — fact based, not ego-driven; that spiritual enlightenment and “salvation” is an individual and personal matter.
Tell the truth about “2000 years of antisemitism.”  According to David Biale’s “Cultures of the Jews,” the first instance of persecution of Jews in  post-Roman Christian Europe occurred in 1095 in the context of the Crusades. A majority of the Jews who died in that event were suicides.
Tell the truth about zionist complicity in the blockade on German civilians that cost the lives of 800,000 German civilians (but apparently, none of whom were Jewish) between 1915-1919.
Tell the truth about the complicity of the Warburgs, Bernard Baruch, Louis Brandeis and a dozen other zionists in “stabbing Germany in the back” at Versailles.
Tell the truth about Churchill’s warmongering-for-pay:  how he received large cash contributions from the Focus Group, which included wealthy Jewish leaders and heads of major oil companies, whose agenda was to destroy Germany to preserve the British empire and maintain British trade routes to its colonies.
Tell the truth about the Jewish declaration of war on Germany in March 1933.  Confess the fact of the actions;Own up to it and Own its consequences, which were just as they were fully intended to be.
Tell the truth about Louis Brandeis’s February 1933 diktat that “All Jews must leave Germany.”
Tell the truth about Chaim Weizmann’s and Erich Mendelsohn’s involvement in the firebombing of Germany that incinerated 600,000 German citizens, but, apparently, not a single Jewish person died in the Allied attacks.  (After building Chaim Weizmann’s residence at Rehovoth in ~1937, Erich Mendelsohn left Palestine for the USA, where, in ~1941 he volunteered to assist the US Air Force and Standard Oil company to design the “most efficient” means of creating a firestorm to destroy the maximum number of working class Germans and their residences. Surely Weizmann was aware of this project.  In the same time frame, David Ben Gurion and other key Palestine-based Jewish leaders, who must surely have included Weizmann, fretted over whether to urge Americans to bomb Auschwitz.  The first concensus decision, enunciated by Ben Gurion, was: “We cannot take on the responsibility for a bombing that could cause the death of even one Jew.”America’s Failure to Bomb Auschwitz )
Tell the truth about the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Dachau, etc.
Tell the truth about Eisenhower’s complicity in carrying out the genocidal plan of Henry Morgenthau to annihilate the German people.
Tell the truth about Israeli as well as American treachery  in Shah Pahlavi’s regime.
Tell the truth about why the United States invaded Iraq in 1991.
Tell the truth about 9/11.
Tell the truth about why the United States assaulted Afghanistan.
Tell the truth about why the United States invaded Iraq in 2003.
Tell the truth about United States and Israeli support for the assault on Syria.
Tell the truth about ( Solon speculates) the west’s involvement in the assassination of its own diplomat, (reminiscent of Herschel Grynszpan’s assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath, an action which set off Crystal Night, and called down upon the German government the hatred of all the world. It is not at all unlikely that the 1938 event was a ‘false flag’ operation calculated to do exactly what it accomplished.)

American Christians must be called to account for their support for genocide.

More importantly, Christians all over the world must be called to account for attempts at subverting indigenous cultures.  Proselytizing should be made Off Limits for 50 years:  Christians should tend their own flocks, and men and women of other faiths and cultures should remain free of dandled suasions to forsake their faiths in exchange for false claims and ‘shiney toys.’

Tell the truth.

Then ask forgiveness.

Then accept culpability and accountability.

Then make reparations.

Then submit to a “probationary period” during which the world will monitor behavior to ensure that the lessons of past bad acts have been learned, and declarations to reform are genuine.

THEN, and only then, can Americans, Israelis, zionists, Westerners, be trusted to take their place among the nations.

And ONLY then can those many Muslims who have been oppressed for decades and generations also be called upon to calm their rage, lay down their swords, and parlay in peace.

= = =

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad conducted one of the bravest acts of any leader in recent memory:  he called together men and women whose research into and perspective on the holocaust led to conclusions different from the enforced narrative.

For that crime, attempting to tell the truth, Ahmadinejad has been relentlessly vilified and the Iranian people subject to collective punishment.

= = =

In her book, “The Great Transformation:  The Beginnings of Our Religious Traditions,” Karen Armstrong writes:

“The Avestan Aryans called their gods daevas (“the shining ones”) and amesha (“the immortals”).  …They were not omnipotent and had no control over the cosmos.  Like human beings and all natural forces, they had to submit to the sacred order that held the universe together.  Thanks to this order, the seasons succeeded one another in due course …the crops grew each year in the appointed month.  The Avestan Aryans called this order asha… It made life possible, keeping everything in its proper place and defining what was true and correct.

“Human society also depended upon this sacred order.  People had to make firm, binding agreements about grazing rights, the herding of cattle, marriage, and the exchange of goods. Translated into social terms, asha meant loyalty, truth, and respect, the ideals embodied by Varuna, the guardian of order, and Mithra, his assistant.  These gods supervised all covenant agreements that were sealed by a solemn oath.  [In contrast, on Yom Kippur, it is said that Jewish rituals give one leave to renege on solemn oaths.]  The Aryans took the spoken word very seriously. …As far as we know, the Aryans did not make effigies of their gods.  Instead, they found that the act of listening brought them close to the sacred.  [In my one visit to a Muslim shrine, in Mashad, I witnessed how Muslim women surrounded themselves with the Infinite and sat in an attitude of humble listening to the divine.] Quite apart from its meaning, the very sound of a chant was holy; even a single syllable could encapsulate the divine. [A Muslim friend invited me to participate as a circle of women recited from the Quran, on a day in Ramadan.  I witnessed the care each woman took to speak the words precisely.] Similarly, a vow, once uttered, was eternally binding, and a lie was absolutely evil because it perverted the holy power inherent in the spoken word.  The Aryans would never lose this passion for absolute truthfulness.”

In contrast, over the past decades, the United States has conducted its affairs according to the protocol Ron Suskind reported on in 2004. In 2002, Suskind notes, he had written an article about Karen Hughes’s press office that rankled some in the White House.  He discussed the situation with an aide to the president, and learned this:

“The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” “

“Enlightenment principles and empiricism” are closely aligned with Aryan notions that reality resides in nature, and that “human beings and all the natural forces …had to submit to the sacred order that holds the universe together.”

Torah reflects a radically different view of the source of knowledge; it is reflected in the opening words of Torah: “In the beginning was the word.” In Hebrew epistemology, words create reality and not the other way around.  Thus, reality is limited only by the spiderwebs of ideas one could weave in his own mind — or dreams.  Since this idea base is so ephemeral, it is difficult to make an accounting of truth-value: a thing or a person either subscribes to the ideology, or does not, but the relationship of that ideology to nature and the world of reality are of secondary importance.

In the 1930s in Germany, Walther Grundmann attempted to separate Christianity as understood by Germans from a Hebrew matrix.  Germans had introduced a method of reading scripture that applied rationality to the text.  In this, German theologians deviated from the proclivities of British and American Christians.  American pastors damned the Germans for this apostasy, and declared that Germans were rightfully punished by war because they failed to honor the “inerrant word of God.”

Adolf Hitler tried to steer a middle course between competing faith systems in the Nazi era.  His claim that Germans were Aryans is more appropriately understood as a cultural claim, not a racial claim.  (It is undoubtedly true that the word “race” was used to designate shared cultural and ethnic values.  Until very recently, census questionnaires in the United States asked if one were “Caucasian.”  How many Americans who checked that box are aware that the Caucasus is the same general local as the original Aryans? Furthermore, recently, American leaders — former National Security chief Michael Hayden comes to mind — have taken to proclaiming that “It is in the American DNA to — XYZ.”  Such a statement amounts to racism.)

In other words, Aryan = Caucasian.  In Germany in the 1930s, Aryan meant little more than a distinction from Semitic because Aryans were Indo-European in geographic environment — ie. forests rather than deserts — and in language. All of these details-that-make-a-difference are swallowed up in the propagandist rants, “Hitler was evil,” and “Holocaust denier!”

As Armstrong assessed, Aryans are truth-tellers.

The men and women who subscribe to the ‘reality-inventing’ methods Suskind described are forced to spend prodigious energy enforcing a “reality” that has no being in nature.  The frustration inevitably engendered by the constant need to revise “reality” finds expression in destructiveness.  Erich Mendelsohn offers an  intriguing case study in the compulsion to destroy that which exists in nature and which many generations of people before him have created, when the visions in his head are not validated by the natural and observed world surrounding him.

The only way forward for those who “invent reality” and those who “submit to the sacred order that holds the universe together” is Truth.

Among Jesus last words were, What is Truth?

Whatever truth is, we know that it cannot be phosphorus bombs and assassinations and mass starvation and economic destruction and plunder.  There is nothing natural about deliberately starving an entire people to death.

What is the best way for confronting the West’s anti-Islam campaign?

It is the same as the best way for creating a renaissance of the highest values of Jesus: Tell the truth.

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