Clawson proposes a false flag to push US to war on Iran

h/t to Arash Bandiari at


There are two major, intertwined lines of thought that deserve thorough research:

1. How the US government has lied to the American people in order to take the nation to war — every one of the events Clawson listed was based on a lie; (see this powerful statement  — “We were lied to” says Dana Karon, re her upbringing & schooling in Israel —; and

2. Having gotten away with lying to the American people on numerous occasions over the past 70+ years, the US government no longer bothers with declaring wars:

see Michael Hayden, formed head of national security —

see “War Powers Abuse Makes Iran Conflict Likely”

see Lt. Col Lawrence Wilkerson,  “We have killed 300,000 people (in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, based on Pentagon estimates).

see Bruce Fein, Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan: “Because those deaths were not consequent to a declared war, they are murders.”

We’ve gotten away with mass murder before:  The US has hidden their crimes against humanity in prosecution of the wars that US lied itself into, namely,
– US complicity in blockade that caused starvation-deaths of 800,000 German civilians in WWI;
– US leadership in firebombing of German cities that deliberately incinerated 600,000 German civilians and destroyed 75% of German infrastructure in WWII;
– US starves to death 500,000 Iraqi civilians, 1990s;

– US kills 300,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Pakistan);

– In 2008, Ephraim Sneh directly threatened to starve Iranians to death — see

– In 1992 Sneh spearheaded the effort in Israel’s Knesset to use the nuclear issue as a faux rationale for the demonization and eventual destruction of Iran; his agenda found its first legislative expression in the US in 1995 when AIPAC obtained first, Pres. Bill Clinton’s signature on Executive Orders sanctioning Iran, then developed that Order into legislation, the D’Amato Amendment sanctioning Libya and Iran.


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