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How God Made the English A Chosen People

From Pope Gregory to the monk Bede From Bede to the English people Henry VIII crushed the Catholic church, and 800 monasteries, in England and established an earlier church, based on the Thorn of Joseph of Arimethea, who predated Gregory/Bede … Continue reading

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Simulated Iranian Retaliation to Israeli Attack

BLAM Ben Gurion airport GONE BLAM Military barracks GONE KaPOW Israeli missile launch sites GONE Splat Netanyahu’s nickers.       Nov 10 2013

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Jewish dual loyalty and false equivalence betw zionism and Nazism

‘Forward’ columnist says ‘divided’ loyalty is as American as cherry pie Philip Weiss on November 4, 2013 40 Brandeis Last week the Israeli Foreign Ministry was preparing to distribute a poll to American Jews asking them to which country they … Continue reading

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