On Jewish Demands to Maintain Control of Both Old AND New Testaments, intro.


Dominique Alger’s and Alex’s comments are inextricably connected: The conundrum that Hitler faced was precisely the same as the USA faces today: How to deal with Jews who have never, in their (Biblical) history or most of their post-biblical history, made a non-violent exit from any land in which they dwelt as sojourners (aka ‘minorities’ without the loyalties of the indigenous). Since holocaust denial is a crime in numerous countries, it’s verboten to suggest that Hitler tried his damndest to get Jews out of Germany nonviolently, but that is what the facts demonstrate, should one plow thru the 70 years of brainwashing and consider the facts objectively.

German Christians even tried to separate their own religious beliefs from Old Testament, “morally deficient” beliefs, but prominent Jews and a few ambitious Christians shot down their project; Susannah Heschel makes her living by distorting the efforts of German Christians and calling them, wait for it, antisemites. Hell ya they were anti-semites; they were Indo-Europeans (which is, incidentally, what Aryans are: the Aryan linguistic belt extends from Iran thru Europe to Ireland), not Arabs! Their cultural grounding was different, and they sought a Jesus who spoke to their cultural and moral norms, not to Hebrew perquisites.

Germans, including Hitler, Goebbels and the Nazi government (tho not Himmler) actually tried for over 60 years (from ~1881 – 1945) to deal non-violently with Jews who exploited Germany as long as it “was good for the Jews.”

Norman Finkelstein said in a video that “after Germany was militarily defeated [thrice, actually] it became the most morally conscious state in Europe.” He suggested that Israel needs to be militarily defeated so that it, too, can “come to its senses.”
I think Fink’s analysis is off: Germany had a moral core to begin with; once it got rid of Bolshevics and zionists, its moral consciousness could come to the forefront.
The reader should assess whether Israel has demonstrated, throughout its biblical and post-biblical history, the sense of honesty and industriousness of Germany.

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